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Who? What?

Eyal Kless has been a professional violinist his entire adult life and been traveling the world, playing concerts, teaching and fighting geekdom wherever he sees it. He is a long-retired Dungeon Master, who nevertheless buys the books of every single new edition and still dreams in Goblin.

Over the years, Kless failed to gain a black belt in numerous marital arts disciplines but he keeps training, getting beaten up on a weekly basis by ridiculously young men and women who carry way more oxigin and have several more packs than his single pack.  

Kless lived in several unexciting countries, including Ireland, where he learned to hold his liquor, do stand up and dodge, not particularly in that order.

Eyal Kless’s first novel, Rocca’s Violin (Korim), was published quite long ago in Hebrew. It is about a failed musician who steals a very expensive violin when its owner is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The book came with its own soundtrack on a CD. Yes, a CD, that’s how long ago it was. The obvious autobiographical anecdotes mentioned in the novel landed him in all sorts of trouble, so he moved to the safer worlds of Scifi and Fantasy.

The Lost Puzzler (Harper-Voyager) is coming out January 2019 in the USA and UK (and the rest of the English-speaking world) as well as in German in September of that year.

Publisher's magazine wrote: "Readers looking for a crafty puzzle that descends into the twisty depths of loyalty and betrayal will enjoy this far-future adventure"

Fantasy-Faction mentioned that The Lost Puzzler "...Making the pieces of science fiction and fantasy fit together in a way that makes sense and draws the reader into a world they feel is genuine." And, more importantly, "I imagine the concept would be an easy sell to Hollywood should the book do well". Ha!

Kless lives in Tel Aviv together with his partner and young daughter. Since he does not have any spare time, Eyal uses his un-spare time to play video games, because video games are for the soul.

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