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One day to publication

The Lost Puzzler is one day away from publication and I am officially out of nails...

Logically speaking, I am expecting anything dramatic to happen on launch day, but this is not about logic.

I have worked years for this moment, and regardless of the outcome, the amount of books sold, the good (and bad) criticism, I have fulfilled this personal dream.

As part of the publication mechanism I am attracting the interest of several bloggers and publications.

here are two interesting ones: page 69 is a description 69 of The Lost Puzzler.

And if you wondered what is my wish list of actors and actresses portraying the leading rolls of The Lost Puzzler: fear not, here it is

For the past few days I have been listening to the audio version of the book. After years of rewriting and mending and altering the text, I was absolutely sure that I would not be able to go back to The Lost Puzzler again, but Michael David Axtell is an absolute master. He instinctively felt who is each character in his/her core and the result is incredible! Galinak's Scottish accent cracks me up every time!

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