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Hi and welcome to my Blog. I ain’t sure I know what I am going to write in it just yet, I just know it is going to be a way for me to connect with you, my readers, through personal stories and comments, and share my thoughts, dreams (and nightmares…) with you, the complete strangers who come to check what I am all about. Most likely I will write about the work process through my novel, The Lost Puzzler, as well as future novels, such as Puzzler’s War (the sequel) and other projects I am working on (or at least, pretending to work on as I play my Xbox…)

My daytime profession is a classical violinist and teacher. I play concerts, mainly with my quartet, and teach violin in Tel Aviv University. I love my job and I always loved writing but never thought I’d get serious about it or published, that is until a chaotic chain of events that led me into writing Rocca’s Violin (in Hebrew, Kor’im publications), a musical comedy about a failed violinist who steals a very expensive violin after its owner was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The book did okay, especially in the small music circle in Israel, but I still did not look at myself as “an Author” or “a Writer”. It was just something I did for fun and never took too seriously. Another chance online conversation led me to pull out a story I had written long ago and complete it into a full science fiction novel.

As I write these words, The Lost Puzzler is one month away from publication in the US and UK with Harper Voyager, and a German translation is due to come out in September 19. So…many things have already happened and I’m guessing (and hoping) that some exciting and interesting things are going to happen as well. I’ll share those moments with you.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. If you are a published author yourself, you would know for certainty how long and laborious the process of getting published actually is. There are many helpful sites out there, filled with do’s and do not’s, but I’ll guess I am going to put my own two cents worth of advice here.

I’ll write silly stories about my life, answer your comments and questions, rant and rave, and maybe put some new chapters for your comments. We’ll see…

Right now, I’d like you to add yourself to my newsletter, right here, so I could inform you every so often (don’t worry, not that often) about what is happening.

Cheers and Ciao

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